Landscape Services

Private Gardens


Our residential design services are structured to walk clients through a process that will get to the heart of their garden dreams and desires. We 

Master Planning


Are you a Retreat Center looking to update and better manage your grounds? Or maybe cultivating a new site? A master plan will guide the direction of current site management, and provide a roadmap for smart, responsible, and efficient future growth.

Rain Gardens


We design Rain Gardens to keep stormwater from entering our overloaded sewer systems. Utilizing phytoremediation techniques, we apply appropriate plant materials and soils that treat roadside runoff and filter out impurities. Clean water is returned to the watershed free of toxic chemicals. At Understoryland we are pleased to provide our clients with stormwater solutions. 

Environmental Restoration


Our urban forests are important to the health and wellbeing of our communities. We can help develop and mobilize a plan to remove invasive plant species and restore ecological balance to urban sites that have been neglected. By designing a step by step plan any site can take the first step along the road to recovery and ecological wellness!

Kitchen Gardens
Plant Procurement
Need plants? We take plant orders and deliver right to your door! If you would like help developing a plant list, we can help with that as well.