As a shamanic practitioner, I work directly with spirits to facilitate wellness with my clients. I offer shamanic ceremony to address spiritual illness, fragmented self, unwanted connections to past relationships or situations, unwanted energies or entities, sacralizing relationship with self, environment, and calling in the good, true, and beautiful.


Shamanic ceremony is the oldest spiritual practice on Earth, dating back at least 40,000 years. Evidence of shamanism has been found on all continents, and some anthropologists think that this practice dates as far back as 100,000 years ago. 

Soul Retrieval


Soul Retrieval is a shamanic ceremony performed when a person has experienced soul loss. Soul loss can be the result of experiencing trauma in life or losing personal power - either by choice or not. Examples of trauma are: physical or emotional abuse, chronic illness or accidents, violent crime and addiction. When a person has experienced soul loss, it can manifest in a loss of fundamental personal power and vitality. A soul retrieval is performed to call back this power and energy that is so important to the wellness of body, mind, and spirit.



House Blessing/Land Blessing/Business Blessing


A House Blessing ceremony is useful when moving into a new home, when a home's energy feels stagnant, slow, or stuck, if a ceremony has never been peroformed on a current home, if there has been a traumatic event or experience at the home (a break-in, death, divorce, or separation). During a House Blessing, energies and experiences from past inhabitants are removed, lost or stuck spirits escorted across the bridge, healing for structures and land, vital essences specific to the client(s) are gathered and blown in, creating a sacred and safe space to call home, revitalize self, and recieve the abundances that the universe has to offer.