Our friends, the hummingbirds

This morning I was having coffee on my deck with a neighbor when one of our resident hummingbirds swooped over our heads with a loud buzz. He was headed for the feeder I keep above a window. It’s not unusual for all activity and conversation to halt mid-stream when a hummer comes to sip at the feeder – all eyes turn towards this magical hovering little creature, and for a moment we are transported to a fairy forest wonderland. Until it swoops away again in a flash, and conversation picks up again.


The hummingbird sipped at the feeder, then lit upon it’s favorite branch about 7 feet away from my deck. He likes to perch there for long periods in between trips to the feeder. Maybe he enjoys our conversations, maybe he thinks we’re beautiful and magical too, maybe he’s lazy and just wants to stay near a convenient food source. I’m happy to keep a clean food source for them in exchange for the opportunity to be transported to magic forest fairy land when they visit!

Along with a feeder, I like to keep several plant food sources around for my sweet neighbors. Here are some of my favorites that I use and recommend to my clients. Enjoy the magic that is in your garden!


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